Hero Hero Ghost Show! Season Two: Episode Three – Evil Dead Trap


Ah, Asian horror…  With its technicolor lighting and Goblin-esque scores, the brutal killings, the maggots on the ceilings…  Hey, wait a second!  That doesn’t sound like Asian horror at all!  And that’s just what makes 1988’s Evil Dead Trap such an oddball piece of cinema.  The movie director Toshiharu Ikeda swears was not influenced by countless giallo movies is a weird blend of classic horror tropes, but through the eyes of a director who spent much of his career in Japan’s Pink subgenre.  Along with Hello! This is the Doomed Show!‘s Richard Glenn Schmidt, we get into the wonderful highs and genuinely disturbing lows, and still have no answers for the ball gag guy.  Also, a very brief history of Japan’s Pink cinema!  Let’s head into the definitely NOT Italian-inspired mayhem of Evil Dead Trap!

Thanks again to my partner in Tomie-related crime, Richard Glenn Schmidt!  You can find more from Richard at Doomed Moviethon and catch his books Cinema Somnambulist and Giallo Meltdown!

Opening Song: Told U So by Illion

Closing Song: Mint by Suchmos

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