Hero Hero Ghost Show! Season Two: Episode 2 – Tetsuo the Iron Man


Welcome back to Season Two of Hero Hero Ghost Show!  Boy howdy, do we have a weird one tonight – the seminal Japanese body horror/cyberpunk/splatter movie, Tetsuo the Iron Man.  This is one of those movies people intend to see, yet never quite get around to it.  Along with my co-host Gary Hill (of Two Drink Minimum Commentaries and Cinema Beef fame), we explain why you kinda need to see this to know what you’re missing.  It’s expressionistic, it’s loud, it’s slightly Evil Dead by way of KMFDM… it’s Tetsuo and there’s nothing else like it.  Join us as we try to make sense of it all!  Also, a look at the roots of Japanese cyberpunk!

Big thanks to Gary Hill for coming along for this ride.  Check out more from Gary on the Cinema Beef page and Two Drink Minimum Commentaries!

Opening Song: Rock the Lm.c. by LM.C

Closing Song: Let It Sway by DYGL

Next week… none of us will ever be truly clean again!