Hero Hero Ghost Show! Episode 8 – Hausu


Welcome back to Hero Hero Ghost Show!  So, apologies for the delay in getting the latest episode to you, but scheduling and life conspired to derail us for a couple of weeks.  We’re back with a vengeance, however.  This time around, Kiss the Goat and Screen Kings host Jeffrey X Martin joins us to discuss the 1977 classic (?) Hausu.  Most times when you wonder how a movie got made, it’s due to the inherent awfulness of the film.  In the case of Hausu, it’s a minor miracle.  Hausu is weird, free-wheeling haunted house hijinx, and, in the spirit of the movie itself, we discuss the strangeness of the film’s plot, how a movie like this DID get made, subtle allegories involving rooms filled with blood and young girls, the downside of witch-cat ownership and whether or not Eddie Deezen was in Midnight Madness.  Can you place all the references dropped in this episode?

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Opening Song: Devil’s Party by Crossfaith

Closing Song: Neo-Japanese Heroine by exist’trace

See you next week for Kuroneko with Duncan McLeish of The Podcast Under the Stairs and Chronicle!