Hero Hero Ghost Show!: Episode 7 – Uzumaki


Welcome to a brand new episode of Hero Hero Ghost Show!

This episode, we’re exploring the twisted (heh!) mind of Junki Ito and the film adaptation of Uzumaki.  Joined by Brian Sammons, expert editor and co-host of Evil Episodes and The ABCs of Hidden Horror, we dive into the weird world of a spiral-afflicted village.  Buckle yourself in for spiral puns, Yeats quotes and speculation on human snail behavior.  Also, a look at the roots of the term manga and our very first listener email!

Big thanks to Brian Sammons again for coming on and, of course, Lovecraft comparisons abound.

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Opening Song: Double Dragon by LM. C

Closing Song: Hitohira No Hanabira by Stereopony.

See you next week for Ichi the Killer with Andy Blockley of Big Horror in Little Podcast!