Hero Hero Ghost Show!: Episode 6 – Dream Home


Welcome back to Episode 6 of Hero Hero Ghost Show!  Boy, do we have a good one today.  I’m joined by Zena Dixon of Girls Will be Ghouls (a podcast you can find right here on LegionPodcasts.com) to discuss Dream Home, a Hong Kong slasher from 2010.  We talk about our mutual love of House, Zena’s admiration for a really effective killer and whether a slasher can ever really be “too smart.”  If you’re a horror fan, you are not going to want to miss this one!

You can find Zena on the web at www.realqueenofhorror.com, and find her YouTube channel right here.

One quick correction note, I said our next guest will be Brain Collins, but only because I am not smart.  Brian Sammons will be joining us for Uzumaki.

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Opening Song: Dada by Radwimps

Closing Song: Reddish by Despair’sRay

See you next week for Uzumaki with Brian Sammons of The ABCs of Horror!