Hero Hero Ghost Show!: Episode 4 – Ju-on


Welcome back, Ghost Show heroes!  First of all, thanks to all who have been listening and offering feedback.  You guys are the best!  Enough pandering, though, we have ghosts to talk about!  In particular, Taeko, Kayako and Toshio, the unholy trinity of spooks in Takashi Shimizu’s Ju-on.  Dave Zendano of the Exploding Heads Horror Podcast joins me to talk about the often confusing plot, the similarities between this film and classic Western horror, black cats (some stuffed), croaking and how fear is like a sense of humor.  big thanks to dave for lending his passion and expertise to the show!

Opening Song: Sex on the Bach by TsuShiMaMiRe

Closing Song: Escapism by Head Phones President

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See you next week for Phone with Ricky Morgan from the Hail Ming Power Hour!