Hero Hero Ghost Show! Episode 12 – Pulse


The penultimate episode of season one of Hero Hero Ghost Show has arrived!  Joined by David Anders of Devour the Podcast fame (or infamy), we sit down to talk about the Japanese ghost apocalypse film, Pulse.  We talk about the film’s creepy imagery, the existentialist horror of the film, how ghost unions work, how anyone would allow Kawashima to drive after his ghostly encounter and just how long Walker, Texas Ranger ran on television.  It all makes some kind of sense, I swear!  Throw on those Cure records and get ready for some Asian emo!

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Opening Song: Good Bye by High and Mighty Color

Closing Song: Cherry Red by Disacode

Join us next week for a spectral schoolgirl and Richard Glenn Schmidt!

2 Comments on Hero Hero Ghost Show! Episode 12 – Pulse

  1. I must say that the Hero Hero Ghost Show has quickly become one of mt top five favourite podcasts to listen to on a constant basis. I was not a major fan of the new wave of J-Horror that came and went in the last fifteen years or so. I liked some of it, but got burnt-out quickly and unfairly dismissed a lot of it. I’ve since been re-visiting it as of late and I’ve found this podcast to be an amazing companion resource. Any chance you;ll be covering “Throne of Blood” in a future episode? I’d love to see you and your guest of the week’s take on that one, as it’s a personal favourite of mine. Keep up the great work.

  2. Throne of Blood is on the list for sure. Probably season 3-ish. But thank you for listening and enjoying some of the films we’ve covered! My hope is to be just what you described – a companion to some truly wonderful movies.

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