Hero Hero Ghost Show! Episode 11 – Ichi the Killer


Way back in episode one, I promised Takashi Miike would return, and boy is this a return worth waiting for.  Ichi the Killer is part mob story, part twisted father/son fable and all blood-drenched (among other fluids).  This movie, and the episode, are not for the faint of heart as we dive into the extreme imagery, what it takes to forget about all that semen at the beginning, how unions are affecting semen-supplying crew, how Miike seems to critique his own movies as he makes them and what the hell that ending is all about.  Get your plastic out, the first three rows WILL get wet!

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Opening Song: You Just Not Only One by 8otto

Closing Song: 5 by Molice

Join us next week for a mini Devour the Podcast reunion as David Anders drops by to talk about ghosts n our computers!