Hero Hero Ghost Show! Bonus Episode – Tomie: Beginning & Tomie: Revenge

Welcome back, everyone!  In further proof of our obsession with Japanese love demons, I am joined by Hello! This is the Doomed Show’s Richard Glenn Schmidt for a stroll down Tomie lane.  This time, we examine films six and seven (!) of the long-running series of films, this time helmed by original Tomie director Ataru Oikawa.  With Tomie: Beginning, Oikawa creates his own prequel.  Why do we keep flashing forward?  How great is Gondo?  And, of course, Homeless Pele makes an appearance.  Then, we tackle Tomie: Revenge, perhaps the absolute bottom of the barrel in Junji Ito’s mythos.  Did anyone not know Yukiko was a Tomie?  Why keep referencing things that would make this movie a million times better and not show it?  And why is there no Gondo?!  We also force dozens of Tomie-related puns, surprise Richard by NOT being Duncan and pitch Hollywood on the Canadian Tomie film the world needs.

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See you next time for a regular episode, featuring an old pal from the Devour days of podcasting!

Opening song: Live to Die Another Day by Miyavi

Closing song: Super Love by Sunny Day Service