Hello! This is the Doomed Show #140 – X-Ray

Simon and Richard talk about this hospital slasher and much fun is had. If you think you’re cool, you totally are. Thanks for listening! This episode was edited while Hurricane Irma was bearing down on the west coast of Florida. Let’s hope it’s not the last episode!
*queue dramatic music, bruh*

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2 Comments on Hello! This is the Doomed Show #140 – X-Ray

  1. Richard’s a Demolition Hammer fan? Nice! Saw them play “Epidemic of Violence” in its entirety in June. Always good to see them get more overdue recognition. By the way, the artist is Michael Whelan. He’s made art for Sepultura and Evile. Both covers for DM and “Cause of Death” by Obituary are actually two halves of the same piece.

  2. Micheal Whelan! Thanks, J. I saw some live footage of recent Demolition Hammer shows, looks good! I used to like to listen to them while playing Nintendo. Still dig them.

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