GraveShift Radio: Exorcists and Bitey FIsh


GSR returns once again! This episode Duncan McLeish (The Podcast Under The Stairs) joins us for a look at the original Piranha, and to pick up where we left off, with our listener requested Exorcist retrospective with…The Exorcist 2 The Heretic. Duncan joined us a few episodes back, when we all agreed and gave The Exorcist the very first “masterpiece” rating. I think we all know THE HERETIC is FAR from the masterpiece the original film was. In fact, everyone knows Exorcist 2 is horrible right? Tell that to John Rhoades. You wont believe the words like “amazing” and “classic’ that he tosses around. Yelling and a hell of a lot of laughter occurs. This has to be one of our most fun shows. GraveShift Radio is for adults only. And again, thank you for all the support!