Girls Will Be Ghouls: Episode 1!



The Girls Will Be Ghouls podcast just kicked off its inaugural episode where we take a conversational tone to horror with creative lists beginning with Zena’s Top 5 Worst Horrors Of 2014 and a discussion of Ernest Dickerson’s 2001 horror fare Bones with a unique ratings system.

Jumping right in, the disdain for 2014’s Chiller TV film Animal was only magnified by the fact that star Keke Palmer who plays Alissa, thought it was a good idea to release a pop injected song and video to promote the film.

With our discussion of Bones, we introduce a fun little ratings system:

The Minority Report assesses both a horror film’s number of characters of color and their significance in each film.

5 – Blacker than Blacula

A horror film with an almost all or entirely Black cast that commonly deals with issues within the African diaspora.

4 – Demon Knight Jada Pinkett

A horror film with an almost even cast of diverse characters where a character of color has their own story, takes on a significant leadership role, and can in the end, be victorious/the survivor.

3 – Sleepy Hollow Season 2

A horror film with a relatively mixed cast with so much promise, yet instead would rather regulate characters of color to supporting/background roles while the white, main characters are at the core.

2 – Kincaid Token Factor

A horror film that told itself, ‘Oh! Let’s add a Black character’ that adds nothing to the story except to maybe help the white, main character(s) but be nothing but a slighty to infuriating stereotype.

1 – Whiter than the 2015 Oscars

A horror film with virtually no characters of color. Maybe background players as civil servants if we’re lucky.

Bones Minority Report:

Zena – 4
Ashlee –


Towards wrap up, we give our recent watch recommendations:

Zena – Life After Beth (2014)
Ashlee – Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995)

We hope you enjoy our first episode as we aim to make this a monthly treat. Any comments or feedback can be sent to!