Exploding Heads Horror Podcast #48 – Top 20 Most Disturbing Films and Top 20 Movies To Watch In October

Episode 48 Intro/Emails 0:00 – 1:01:06 Top 20 Most Disturbing Movies 1:01:06 – 1:53:12 RRRs 1:53:12 – 3:33:57 The Houses October Built 2 Leatherface Gerald’s Game Cult of Chucky Happy Death Day House by the Lake Never Hike Alone RINGS Amityville Awakenings Deathscort Service 2 Top 20 Movies to Watch in October 3:33:57 – 3:57:06

Join Dave, Brandon, and Christian for a countdown of their Top 20 Most Disturbing Movies list. The Treats continue with Round Robin Reviews of The Houses October Built 2, Leatherface, Gerald’s Game, Cult of Chucky, Happy Death Day, Never Hike Alone, House by the Lake, Rings, Deathscort Service 2, and Amityville Awakenings. With one last Trick up their sleeves, the trio list their Top 20 Movies to Watch in October!