Exploding Heads Horror Movie Podcast #35: The Savini Slasher Special- The Burning, Maniac & The Prowler.

We’re TOM SAVINI approved!

Join the Exploding Heads for their 3 hour and 42 minute “Triple S”: the SAVINI SLASHER SPECIAL. The trio dissect Maniac (1980); The Burning (1981); and The Prowler (1981), and present Round Robin Reviews of the following films: The Void, We are the Flesh, Voodoo, Here Alone, We Go On, Johnny Frank Garret’s Last Word, The Control Group, Dig Two Graves, Kong, Peelers, & Dearest Sister.

Yeah, we know it’s Friday, but…we warned you not to go out tonight! You must listen! Listen now!!! If you think you’re safe… you’re DEAD wrong! Exploding Heads Horror Movie Podcast Episode 35 – It will take you further than fear.