Exploding Heads Horror Movie Podcast #28: Terror Train

Intro; Voicemails & Emails; Future show segments; 2017 Preview: 0:00 – 2:07:24 Terror Train 2:07:24 – 2:39:39 Christmas Horror / Slasher Talk 2:39:39 – 2:53:51

Hail Headites!!! Welcome to 2017, where the only things dying faster than Mariah Carey’s career are the boys and girls of Sigma Phi!

Join “No more F bombs” Dave Z, “I’m signed to an exclusive 3 year contract with the Heads” Brandon Orlick, and “Donald Trump means nothing to me, I’m Canadian” Christian Luciani for their first episode of the new year: EPISODE 28!!!! Featuring a look back on 2016! An update on all of our Christmas horror watches!! A Preview of 2017 Horror!!! A Review of the 1980 slasher flick TERROR TRAIN!!!! And more exclamation marks than ever before!!!!!

We’ve got big plans for the year, so spread the good word and listen often


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