Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #99 Place Your Bets

Do not adjust the dial
Your TV Horror fix is back,
It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #99!
The final episode before we hit triple digits!  We kick this one off with some discussion on what we’ve been watching and recording.  Brian & Jamie sent Mike Fall Break/The Mutilator on blu ray and he had fun with it. Brian played episode 1 of The Walking Dead’s Michonne mini-spinoff and Layers of Fear. We all saw 10 Cloverfield Lane in the theater. John Goodman was a gem, what about everything else?  Black Mirror’s 3rd season was an anthology, in a non-traditional sense…..sort of. Have you seen it? We get into the details in this discussion so go watch it first (It’s on netflix).  Then we discuss the continuing saga of Norman & Mother (and all that other stuff) on Bates Motel, the debut and first handful of episodes of Damien, and then we set our sights on the rapidly approaching end of The Walking Dead’s 6th season. It’s no spoiler now to say Negan is debuting on the next episode, but who he is taking out is the mystery.  We give our predictions as well as those of some friends and listeners who responded on the group page!
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