Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #94 Bone Tomahawk

Do not touch the dial, your TV Horror fix is back,
It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #94
EEP94logoWe hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Speaking of….there was a lot of extra leftovers to discuss due to the extra week in between episodes so much indeed that we brought back the the guy I just won’t leave alone, Dave Zendano of Bananalaser podcast. The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale aired and is now on it’s usual end of year break, Scream Queens has one episode left in it’s inaugural season, America Horror Story Hotel is truly solidifying itself, and a thus far pedestrian S2 of Z Nation seems to have gotten it’s act together, picking up steam with it’s latest arc. We also review the epic Western-Horror flick Bone Tomahawk that seems to be the crossover film that could possibly spawn more in this hybrid of two genres.
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