Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #93 Paranormal Activity: Glenn Dimension

Do not adjust the dial, your horror tv fix is back.
It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #93!
 On this edition we welcome back one of our favorite guest co-hosts Dave Z from Bananalaser and The Skeleton Crew! We spend a good amount of time praising him for his Friday the 13th shooting location(s) video (see link below) before we jumped into a bunch of movies we have been watching since our last recording. We all saw Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension so we decided to discuss it as our featured review. Then we get into our TV Horror wrap-up which we had a ton of ground to make up for (per our usual gaffe we totally forgot about Scream Queens, but we’ll be sure to talk about it next episode) All of that plus news on a Walking Dead casting that has been highly anticipated for awhile now, breaking news on the Friday the 13th funding, more zombies on the way to AMC, and all the other frights & delights you’ve come to expect on Evil Episodes Podcast!
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Watch Bananalaser’s famous visit of various Friday the 13th locations here:
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Mike Maryman
Jamie Jenkins
Brian Sammons