Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #92 2015 Halloween Special

Do Not Adjust the Dial, Your TV Horror Fix is Back,
It’s Evil Episodes Podcast’s 2015 Halloween Special!
Welcome to the Halloween special for 2015. This year we do something completely new and cover a variety of Halloween-themed episodes of different shows and not shows that are necessarily genre-based.  We cover everything from Roseanne’s first Halloween special “Boo” to The Incredible Hulk’s “haunted.”  We don’t leave the horror shows completely out in the cold though as we dive into Freddy’s “Tricks & Treats” from Freddy’s Nightmares and Friday the 13th The Series’s “Helloween”  plus much much more….(see below for a complete listing AND go to the Evil episodes facebook group page for links to most of these shows).  Enjoy the show, have a fantastic & spooky Halloween and see you all back here in November for a return to your regularly scheduled TV Horror podcast!

TV episodes covered (in no particular order)
  • Freddy’s Nightmares “Freddy’s Tricks & Treats”
  • Friday the 13th the series “Helloween”
  • The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Season XXVI
  • Roseanne “Boo”
  • Star Trek “Catspaw”
  • The Incredible Hulk “Haunted”
  • Garfield’s Halloween Adventure
  • Betty Boop’s Halloween Party
  • Alf’s Halloween special
  • South Park “A Nightmare on Face Time”
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Evil Episodes Cast:
Mike Maryman
Jamie Jenkins
Brian Sammons