Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #88 Survivor: True Detective Edtion


Welcome back from the longer than usual hiatus. Mike’s new baby daughter was born on August 5th which pushed things back a short bit. On this episode we talk about a bunch of horror movies we’ve watched since we last recorded. Mike is trying to watch a horror movie a day for every day he is on leave from work, as of the recording he was about six movies in. (See Evil Episodes Podcast facebook page for updated info). Then we dive into the Season 2 finale of True Detective. Who lived? Who Died? Did this season even have enough “occult” and/or “weirdness” to be covering it on a horror podcast at all? As usual we talk about everything else going on in the world of TV Horror and wrap up the show with another segment of Tales from the Darkside discussing four more episodes from season 3 including “The Milkman Cometh, My Ghostwriter – The Vampire, My Own Place, & Red Leader). We also have a very brief news segment including some supposed details on CW network’s Friday the 13th series……Enjoy the show!

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Evil Episodes Cast:
Mike Maryman
Jamie Jenkins
Brian Sammons
Thanks for Listening and as always….Don’t Touch That Dial!!!