Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode 122 All Out Snore

Do Not Adjust the Dial, Your TV Horror fix is back…..

It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #122

It’s been awhile, so buckle up and enjoy the ride that covers nearly two months of content we have to catch up on.  We welcome Mr. Venom aka Jerry Cortes back to the show to discuss AHS:Cult’s wrap up, Channel Zero’s No End House….and the first half of TWD S8 including the mid-season finale….has the stalling and speeches finally gone too far? Have even the most adamant supporters of the show had enough?  Next we get into what we watched, and between the four of us, it was a ton. We wrap up the show with two more episodes of Fear Itself: Eater & New Years Eve.   As this is likely the final show of 2017, we want to wish all of our listeners, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, & of course a great New Year!  As always, thanks for listening!


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