Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #114 War is Coming w/Mat Wessel

Do not adjust the dial, your TV Horror fix is back,

It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #114!

On this edition we are back to one of those huge episodes packed to the gills. First up we catch up with we’ve been watching. Brian & Jamie saw The Void and one of them absolutely loved it. (Can you guess who?).  From there we get into all the latest happenings in Bates Motel including something Jamie (and the guys, as it turns out too) had an issue with pertaining to the latest episode as of the airing of this recording.  Then we tackle the six episode first season of Wolf Creek. We very briefly get into our thoughts on the movies merely as a reference point, then dig into the show.  After that we welcome our very special guest who everyone should know from Bananalaser & Banana Bites podcasts, Matt Wessel.  We discuss The Walking Dead’s 7th season including reaction to the season finale and where we think the show might and/or should go from here.  Finally, Matt sticks around to help us finish out Masters of Horror S1 by discussing episodes 11,12, & 13!  At just over three hours, it’s easily the longest episode we’ve had in awhile, however we also feel it’s one of our strongest to date and we hope you all enjoy every minute of it!

Tonight’s Guest:

Matt Wessel


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Evil Episodes Cast:
Mike Maryman 
Jamie Sammons
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Brian Sammons
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