Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #108 Farewell to the Darkside

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It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #108


Hello folks, on this edition of the show we take a slight diversion from the usual format of the show to bring you our final run of the Tales from the Darkside anthology show.  These final eight episodes are much like the rest of the series, some good, some bad, some awful. We give some thoughts on our overall experience re-visting the series and if our opinions on it have changed since covering each episode for the show. If you want to watch along, we cover episodes 13-20 of the 4th and final season….but wait, there’s more….as a bonus we also cover the Tales From the Darkside movie. Often referred to as the “unofficial Creepshow 3” we get a lot of familiar names from the genre involved here.  The budget is bigger, the actors are familiar…does that equal a good movie?  Find out now…..and make sure to vote in the poll on the facebook group page for what you’d like to see us cover next from the TV Horror vault (The poll will close a week from this episode being released)

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Evil Episodes Cast:
Mike Maryman
Jamie Jenkins

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