Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #106 Eeeny, Meeny, Mineeey, Ahhh!

Do not adjust the dial, your TV Horror fix is back,

It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #106!


Welcome back everyone, took a little longer to get a new episode out because with TWD’s S7 premiere looming we thought it best to hold off so we could include discussion of the episode everyone was waiting for! Of course there is so much more however, including more chatter on The Exorcist (and the mind-blowing development in episode 5), American Horror Story’s big change up halfway through the season, SyFy’s new show Channel Zero that has up captivated among other shows currently airing. Another three Tales from the Darkside segment is included as well….does it get any better? Can it still get worse? Are you watching along yourselves?  Jamie & Brian also saw the new Ghostbusters flick and Ouija Origins and have plenty to say about both.  Unfortunately there is no official Halloween episode this year due to our extremely busy schedules, so let me know now on behalf of the entire cast, Happy Halloween everyone!

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