Duncan and Bo Go to Westworld – Episode 1 “The Original” & Episode 2 “Chestnut”


Hey there, all you hosts and guests!  It’s time for Duncan and Bo to reunite for a trip to Westworld, HBO’s newest series offering.  We delve into this sci-fi mystery aided by Walken-bot, whore mistresses and speculation on Freddie Mercury’s choice of Westworld attire.  Also, our speculations on where this thing is headed and reviews of each episode!  Hop on the train to Sweetwater with us and find out if Duncan is the man he claims to be.

2 Comments on Duncan and Bo Go to Westworld – Episode 1 “The Original” & Episode 2 “Chestnut”

  1. Hi Duncan and Bo,

    I’ve seen the first three episodes of Westworld and I’m hooked. You’re Void Comp test bit off the top of the episode made me want to write this. I love Blade Runner as much as the next fellow but what bothers me is Ridley Scott talking about the extended version and I think he thinks everyone is a replicant. I think there’s the potential for a Blade Runner problem in Westworld. At least some of the “behind-the-scenes” people are hosts, I’m leaning towards Stubbs the head of security. What might be the downfall of the show is “everyone is a host” or “there’s only one human”. I hope it doesn’t go that way. I’m willing to allow one-two people we think are humans are really hosts per SEASON. Any more than that and i’ll start rolling my eyes and changing the channel.

    i love all the work both of you gentleman do on Legion and I’m looking forward to your next the next episode of Westworld.


  2. Thanks, Brock! I think with any show like this where so much is built on mystery and surprise, there’s plenty of room for things to go off the rails. Your point about everyone being a secret robot would be a real bummer if it shakes out that way. That said, so far, so good! Also, I believe we have fully proven Duncan’s replicant status.

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