Duncan and Bo Go to Twin Peaksies: Twin Peaks: The Returnsies: Episodes 9 & 10

Before diving into the episodes for this entry, we take some time to talk about Scottish thriftiness, Brawl in Cell Block 99Gerald’s Game, and Bo completely spoils 2017’s The Mummy.  We then turn our attention to two more great episodes of Twin Peaks and explore Tim Roth’s Bowie-inspired accent, whether DoppelCooper is still possessed by Bob, Bobby Briggs visits his mother over here, the return of Matthew Lillard and some deep mythology, Dougie finally goes to the doctor and gets some action, Nadine goes into business, Richard Horne cements his place as the primary jerk of Twin Peaks  and we once more devolve into barking noises at one another.  Now pass the damn peas and get listening!