Duncan and Bo Go to Twin Peaksies: Twin Peaks: The Returnsies Episodes 3 & 4

Welcome back to a brand new episode of Duncan and Bo Go to Twin Peaksies!  This time around, we are tackling episodes 3 & 4 of Twin Peaks: The Returnsies, and with the usual care and meticulous analysis you have come to expect.  Also, how Trump helps terminally ill Americans, getting deep on Ridley Scott, Game of Thrones‘ Bo-centric episode, the welcome arrival of Dougie, a pretty good explanation of what’s going on (we think), Naomi Watts joins the show (with a theme song), Denise and Lynch’s victory lap, #FuckChad, heeeeeey Bobby Briggs is back, Wally effin’ Brando, Winston Churchill impressions, three-legged dogs and so much more!

Seriously, though, #FuckChad.