Duncan and Bo Go to Twin Peaksies: “Drive With a Dead Girl” and “Arbitrary Law”

The mystery solved!  We now know who killed Laura Palmer, but can our killer be brought to justice?  Agent Cooper and his team are hot on the trail of the completely not-crazy murderer, and Duncan and Bo are there to see it through!  Along the way, we bemoan how jokes can go bad, talk about the plethora of mirrors in Twin Peaks, investigate the special relationship between Jean-Luc Picard and Mr. Data, celebrate the amazing turn by Ray Wise in these episodes and totally gloss over the stupid Lucy/Gwen/Deputy Andy story line.  Also, Duncan talks about the new episodes (!) of Twin Peaks on Showtime, Bo defends his position to not watch them yet, male romper rage, Pete Martell’s strange reversal of character, the superior final form of Deputy Hawk and even get into what this whole show is really about.  Hint: Probably human nature.

It’s the last pair of undeniably great episodes before we launch into pure madness.  Jump in, all you Audreys and Agent Coopers, we’re actually talking about Twin Peaks this time!  And butt stuff.