Duncan and Bo Go to Twin Peaks: “The Last Evening” & “May the Giant Be With You”

We have returned with another two-episode edition of Duncan and Bo Go to Twin Peaks!  In this family-sized episode, we discuss the collected works of James Marshall, DuneThe Dark, and then, finally get around to some Twin Peaks chat.  We’re scouring through the first season finale and charting all the crosses and double-crosses.  Plus, gank!  In the second half, we talk the premiere of season two and the inevitable battle between Deputy Hawk and Mothman, classic Bukowski beat poetry, Nadine’s coma adventures, the haunted sunglasses of sluttiness,  the really honestly truly amazing costume design of Audrey Horne and that horrifying final scene.

You may notice the audio for Bo a bit blown out in the first half.  Sorry!  The second half is silky smooth…

Rub some dirt on those wounds and get to listening!  Say it with us now… ga-ze-boooo