Duncan and Bo Go to Twin Peaks – “Laura’s Secret Diary” & “The Orchid’s Curse”

We have apparently stumbled upon a new format, which is just pure madness recorded for your listening pleasure.  We poorly discuss the following topics:  Do you need the internet for pornography?  The difference between potato chips and “crisps.”  Kirk Douglas impressions (just as tasteless as you would imagine).  Can this really be called a podcast anymore?  Does anyone care about what’s going on with Lucy?  How much we all want to go to Sternwood Acres.  Amazon ratings for sex swings.  Black Yukon Sucker Punches.  Under what circumstances can you punch a woman in the gut?  And, the best moment in Deputy Hawk history.  This, and so much more as we wind our way through the wilds of Twin Peaks Season Two!