Duncan and Bo Go to Twin Peaks: “Coma” & “The Man Behind Glass”

Welcome back to another twofer episode where we tackle episodes two and three of season two!  I would like to say this episode is shorter, more concise and more focused, but that would be a lie.  It’s crazy long and filled with digressions the likes of which you have come to expect from this series.  Duncan may be on the clean-burnin’ propane during the recording of this episode, we can’t be sure.  In addition to important topics like what Nadine watches in her coma, the only way to escape Deputy Hawk and that damn James song, we also talk about that new trailer for The Dark Tower and the problem with movie universes.  New bad impressions!  Twin Peaks as a variety show!  Very naughty werewolves!  Kick back with your pals as we potentially set a record for Hawk screeches and, just maybe, the hardest we’ve heard Duncan laugh.