Duncan and Bo Go to The X-Files – Season 11: This

We return after a rocky start to see if The X-Files can still warm our hearts, but not before we dive into a whole bunch of movies.  Duncan bemoans the lackluster Insidious: The Last Key (note spoiler time sync below) and proclaims his love for Candyman and sinks his teeth into Savagelands, while Bo gets down with creepy dolls in Annabelle: Creation and the insider doc Electric Boogaloo, but does not get down with horror anthology The Dark Tapes.  Then, it’s off to the investigation with a welcome return of badass Scully, smartass Mulder and goofy science fiction premises.  It’s almost like an X-Files episode!  Meet a menacing roadie!  Revel in the sexual innuendo!  Buy some swag from Duncan and Bo Co.!

Insidious: The Last Key spoilers from 15:00 – 21:00.