Duncan and Bo Go to the X-Files – Season 11: My Struggle III

The journey continues!  With Bo still recapping Twin Peaks episodes in a remote cabin, Duncan drags him back for one more case – the mystery of what the hell has happened on The X-Files.  Season 11 kicks in with a big mythology episode, building on the whackadoo finale of Season 10.  Wilfred Brimley guest stars as Special Agent Fox Mulder, who apparently doesn’t want much to do with actual X-Files-related work, and we thank him for his driving advice.  Also, twists and turns involving brain broadcasts, ridiculous car chases and wanton murder!  And, we get some time to catch up on recent viewings of Blade of the Immortal and the genius of Takashi Miike, the deceptive beginning of The Blackcoat’s Daughter and much more!

We’re back on the case and nothing will ever be the same!

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