Duncan and Bo Come True Detective Episode 5 – “Other Lives”



After the disappointing fourth episode, Duncan and Bo steel themselves for the next outing.  Finding ourselves flung two months into the future, we discuss the ways that the lives of the main characters have changed, the state of the ongoing investigation, Paul’s home life, alcohol slang, Colin Ferrell acting the hell out of a scene, and the benefits of the emotional cliffhanger.  Is True Detective back to form, or is this yet another tease in a slough toward mediocrity?  All this and more on this episode!

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  1. Constantine // July 27, 2015 at 6:59 pm //

    Big fan and lurker and I have loved these discussions on True Detective (and your other stuff, you two are great together) and just thought to mention one small detail. In every previous episode, Ani was vaping and the other guys were giving her shit about it. In this episode, she was smoking actual cigarettes. Perhaps a small indication of her going down a “dirtier” path? Also, Frank has not been f@cking with Ray for twenty years, the kid was conceived after the rape and he is NOT 20 years old, and that’s when Frank begun manipulating Ray. Nitpick, I know. Cheers guys.

  2. Yeah, our time frame was a little high for the Frank/Ray manipulation. Nice catch on Ani’s e-cig and thanks for listening! I think our next episode should be an interesting one after episode six! Keep an eye out in the latest episode for an example of how I spend every Wednesday night!

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