Duncan and Bo Come Correct: Episode 12 – Showdown!



After eleven hard-fought episodes, it all comes down to this.  With a loss, Bo must admit defeat to Duncan for season one.  With a win, a tie is still possible, which is technically a win for the United States, based on the same logic that America rules and Scotland drools.

Duncan comes armed with a post-modernist tale of revenge in the Australian outback, a Guy Pearce-starring film entitled The Proposition.  Unimpressed with his film rival’s new-fangled movie, Bo fires back with the last movie starring American icon John Wayne called The Shootist.  With the sun setting behind them and hands poised above their pistols, two cinephiles prepare for a duel on the cinematic streets.  Lock up the ladies and little ones, folks, ’cause it’s time to DRAW!

Closing song: “I Am an Excellent Steel Horse” by Rock Plaza Central.  Check them out.