Duncan and Bo Come Correct: A Different Word for Everything!



Season Two is here!

Welcome back to the cinematic theater of conflict that is Duncan and Bo Come Correct!  For the kick-off of Season Two, we come together to discuss two examples of French cinema.  Duncan gets all black-and-white with Luc Besson’s Angel-a, in which a down-on-his-luck crook meets a beautiful woman with an appetite for life and a fantastic secret.

Bo brings the rabbit-raisin’, water-needin’ drama of Jean de Florette to the table, and, of course, Gerard Depardieux plays a hunchback.  Can you even call people that anymore?  Hunchback-American?

Also, some talk of Mad Max: Fury Road and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.

Who takes the early lead?  Who can begin season two with the better foreign film?  And why can’t Bo say “repeat?”  All this and more answered as Duncan and Bo Come Correct!!!