‘Dracula Untold’ To Be the First In Universal’s Monster Universe?



Badass Digest is reporting that Dracula Untold, the upcoming retelling of the Dracula origin story, has been retro-fitted to fit within the planned Universal monster cinematic universe.  While the film has received very little in the way of positive reviews, it is worth noting that the changes appear to have been slight enough to ignore the film should it bomb.  According to the aforementioned Badass Digest article, ” they have put some elements in that will allow the studio to tie this movie into the new initiative. So while The Mummy will be the first official movie in the new Universal Monsters series, Dracula Untold is kind of the prologue to it all.”

Essentially, this movie may suggest the larger universe while still remaining a standalone film that can be viewed apart from the larger tapestry Universal intends to weave.  Their aim is clearly to create something akin to Marvel’s cinematic continuity, which still seems like a really dumb idea to me.  What do you think?