Devour the Podcast Episode 116: We Creepin on the Ex



Fucking Jamiroquai!

-David and Jamie catch up on Halloween/Thanksgiving

-Jamie’s Getting Married


-Jamie dragged Brian to Paranormal Activity 5……the poor bastard

-Jamie and Brian are hosting the official Dark Regions Press Podcast- Dark Regions Radio


-Angelina Jolie Wanted by Universal for BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN Remake

-Wanna Own All Rights and Elements For RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 5?

-Ridley Scott Announces Plans to Make More ALIEN Prequel/Sequels

It Came from the Instant Queue:

Burying the Ex (2014)

David: 3

Jamie: 3

Our Feature Presentation:

Creep (2014)

David: B-

Jamie: B

Coming Soon to Devour the Podcast:

Next episode we’re tackling the Spanish film The House at the End of Time for It Came from the Instant Queue and The Canal for Our Feature Presentation.