Devour the Podcast Episode 113: Friday the 13th 2009 w/Duncan McLeish




Welcome to episode 113 of Devour the Podcast. This episode when Jamie is away the boys will play, being joined by friend of the show Duncan McLeish to discuss the 2014 indie film Starry Eyes and the cinematic abortion that is Friday the 13th 2009.


No news this week but a big ass dose of ASK DTP


It Came from the Instant Queue:

Starry Eyes (2014)


Bo:   4/5
David: 4/5

Duncan: 4.5/5



Our Feature Presentation:

Friday the 13th 2009

Bo: Fuck this movie

David: F
Duncan D-


Coming Soon:


John Rhodes will be joining the crew once again to discuss the much lauded A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night for It Came from the Instant Queue and we’re putting this retrospective to bed with Freddy vs. Jason.


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