Devour the Podcast Episode 100 – Drunker the Podcast!


Welcome to EPISODE 100 of Devour the Podcast!

-Lost After Dark coming January-May of 2015

-The League of Extraordinary Podcasts is now

-The Summer of Lovecraft (set in the 60’s and Jamie has a story)

-Jamie’s got a new show called The Insomniac’s Playlist

-Welcome to listener Luna, DTP officially says FUCK CANCER


-Occupant, Deep Silver to bring Dead Island to the screen
-Alex Kurtzman to direct new Mummy reboot
-Rob Zombie’s 31 has some details
-Werewolf Rising is coming September 8th
-RIP Dick Smith


The Top 20 Best and Worst films we’ve reviewed over the last 100 episodes

It Came from the Instant Queue:

Hardware (1990)

Bo: 3/5
David: 3/5
Jamie: 1/5

Our Feature Presentation:

John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982)

Bo: A Motherfucking +
David: A+
Jamie: A Motherfucking +

Coming Soon:

Next episode we wrap up Bo’s underwater retrospective with Below from 2002 and tackle the fantastic Manhunter for It Came From the Instant Queue

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