Devour the Podcast 115: It Follows



Welcome to Devour the Podcast 115.


Due to some unforeseen fuckery on the part of our recording software, you might notice some segments seem cut short. This is completely by accident and due to shitty software.


Bo’s gone and Jamie and David soldier on watching Rec 4 and It Follows.



-Leatherface is going to be a brutal road movie, because this prequel can’t get any worse right?

-Arrow’s Hellraiser Scarlet Box sounds awesome!

-Full Moon to release Puppet Master 4 on Bluray


It Came from the Instant Queue:

REC 4: Apocalypse (2014)


David: 2.5/5

Jamie: 2.5/5


Our Feature Presentation:

It Follows (2014)


David: A

Jamie: A Motherfucking +


Next time:

We’re tackling Joe Dante’s Burying the Ex for It Came from the Instant Queue and Creep for our feature.

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