Devour the Podcast 111: Jason Goes to Hell


Welcome to Devour the Podcast #111.


This episode we tackle the Japanese film Reincarnation from the director of The Grudge, and we dig into the utter nonsense that is Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.



-A&E to adapt Let the Right One In to TV

-Chole Sevigny is back for American Horror Story Hotel

-The X-Files is coming back for a 6 episode run

-Alien 5 apparently not going to interfere with Prometheus 2


It Came from the Instant Queue:

Reincarnation (2006)

Bo: 4/5

David: 4/5

Gary: 4/5

Jamie: 4/5


Our Feature Presentation:
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)

Bo: D

David: D

Gary: B

Jamie: Fuck This Movie
Coming Soon:

Next episode we take a look at the Malckovitch/Defoe film Shadow of the Vampire and draw ever closer to the end of the Friday the 13th franchise with Jason X.


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