Duncan and Bo Come Correct, Episode 7: The Pain of Dramedies


Having established victories in the previous two episodes, Bo swaggers into this episode with the Kenneth Lonergan-directed comedy-drama, You Can Count on Me.  Boasting incredible performances by Mark Ruffalo and Laura Linney, how can he lose?

Duncan refuses to be denied, however, returning from two losses with the near-future fantasy Robot & Frank, with the full weight of a Frank Langella master-performance behind it.

Can two comedy-dramas of such high quality finally tear the show apart?  Can Duncan get back into the competition with a helper robot?  Can Bo extend his win streak and establish a near-insurmountable lead for this season of DBCC?  These questions, and a contentious assertion about cinema’s best Dracula, await you in this thrill-packed episode of Duncan and Bo Come Correct!

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