CinePsyEP074 Pre-pocalypse Prep: Inauguration Special! Six String Samurai

Jan 15th, 2017

The Pre-pocalypse Prep series finishes with our Inauguration Special!  We are joined in the studio with Jeremy of Geek Chat Army glory and fame.  We talk the post apocalyptic, surrealistic film that is Six String Samurai.  We break down the film and divulge into morning zoo less than 5 minutes into the show.

The PSYOP news this week sparks a perverted discussion of bestiality, animal husbandry and hunting.  We gain many soundbites in this news segment.

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Every week an obsessed film collector, Cort, will subject his unwilling test subject, Matt to films from Cort’s childhood viewing habits and personal collection.  Has a lifetime of movie watching damaged Cort’s young and impressionable mind?  Can Matt survive each week’s experiment unscathed?  Find out each week as we discover that physical wounds heal while cinematic ones don’t.