CinePsyEP035 Bring Your Own Cinematic Trauma: 10 To Midnight

Apr 17th, 2016

The Bring Your Own Cinematic Trauma series continues as Richard From Joins Cort and Matt live via interocitor to discuss the Charles Bronson vehicle 10 To Midnight,  Richard opens up and shares several traumas that come to the surface as we discuss this sleazy slice of Cannon Films goodness.

Don’t Forget the contest guys and gals once we get 20 total honest reviews in iTunes and Stitcher, Cort will give away one brand new copy of Macabre from William Castle on DVD picked from those reviews and the winner will be given a chance to review the movie on the show with Cort and Matt!  Just email Cort your screen name or a screencap of your review and you are entered to win!

Every week an obsessed film collector, Cort, will subject his unwilling test subject, Matt to films from Cort’s childhood viewing habits and personal collection.  Has a lifetime of movie watching damaged Cort’s young and impressionable mind?  Can Matt survive each week’s experiment unscathed?  Find out each week as we discover that physical wounds heal while cinematic ones don’t.

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