CinePsyEP027 WPSY-PSYOP Radio Is On The Air!

Feb 22nd, 2016

This week Werewolf-Man Jack takes over the Psyop Podwaves with his PSYOP Radio show broadcasting out of locations unknown to give fans a tour through the music of Cinema PSYOPS!


Anything – by The Damned

I Just Wanna Have Something To Do – by The Ramones

Glad Damn Glad- by The Supersuckers

Piece of Ass- by Nashville Pussy

Lets do it Again- by The Groovie Ghoulies

Die All Right- by The Hives

Un Spectra Infine Scala-by Man or Astroman?

Born Tight-by Man Man

(Hot Pool of) Woman Need-by The Cramps

I Will Deny- By The Dwarves

Personality Crisis-by The New York Dolls

Neat Neat Neat- by The Damned

Loudmouth-by The Ramones

Mmmm Doughnuts-by The Lunachicks

No More Nothing-by Fear

Shiftless When Idle-by The Replacements

My Friend John-by The Fratellis

I Dont Want To Go Down To The Basement-by The Ramones

Down On The Street-by The Stooges

Tommy Gun-by The Clash

Customer-by The Replacements

Born With a Tail-by The Supersuckers

Break It Up-by Rocket From The Crypt

Drop the Attitude Fucker-by The Queers

Less Teeth and More Tits-by The Lunachicks

I Need Some Brain Damage-by The Lillingtons

Graveyard Girlfriend-by The Groovie Ghoulies

Bad Religion (Alternate Version)-by Bad Religion

A.K.A. I-D-I-O-T-by The Hives

See You Later Fuckface-by The Queers

Liquor Store-by The Killagains

Don’t Forget the contest guys and gals once we get 20 total honest reviews in iTunes and Stitcher, Cort will give away one brand new copy of Macabre from William Castle on DVD picked from those reviews and the winner will be given a chance to review the movie on the show with Cort and Matt!  Just email Cort your screen name or a screencap of your review and you are entered to win!

Every week an obsessed film collector, Cort, will subject his unwilling test subject, Matt to films from Cort’s childhood viewing habits and personal collection.  Has a lifetime of movie watching damaged Cort’s young and impressionable mind?  Can Matt survive each week’s experiment unscathed?  Find out each week as we discover that physical wounds heal while cinematic ones don’t.

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