CinePsyEP012 Subspecies 3 and Puppet Master 3

Nov 8th, 2015
Matt stumbles onto Eye Gore taking care of Bun-Bun and Cort reveals another hair brained scheme to Matt in the war robot room.  Cort and Matt are confronted about their potty mouths when they traumatize a listener who seeks the help of Sandy Shores to alleviate his newly developed swearing complex.  The boys soldier on through the last films in both series they are going to cover and Cort and Matt beat a severely dead horse with Radu and Mama Subspecies impressions!
Every week an obsessed film collector, Cort, will subject his unwilling test subject, Matt to films from Cort’s childhood viewing habits and personal collection.  Has a lifetime of movie watching damaged Cort’s young and impressionable mind?  Can Matt survive each week’s experiment unscathed?  Find out each week as we discover that physical wounds heal while cinematic ones don’t.
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