Cinema Beef Podcast : T.V. Stars Gone Mad


Grab your Hungry Man dinners, kiddies.  It’s time to dive into the works of some of your favorite prime time players from yesteryear.  X is absent this time around but I am joined by one half of The Projection Booth, Rob St. Mary.  First up, we are joined by the Shatner as he plays a race agitator in a small southern town on the brink of school integration in the Roger Corman directed The Intruder from 1962.  Then, a group of young yuppies are stranded on an island only to find it inhabited by the strangest family this side of the Ozarks.  It’s The Munsters’ Yvonne DeCarlo starring in American Gothic from 1988.  Finally, when lightning strikes a geek’s bullies after they pass away in a traffic accident, they are turned into zombies (of sorts) and still are up to their old tricks.  It features Scott Grimes (Critters) and Gomez Addams himself, John Astin, in Night Life from 1989.