Cinema Beef Podcast #94 : Spooky Science With Dr. Bava

People of Legion! Lend me your ears! I bring you mediocre cinema from a superior director! Most know Mario Bava from his horror efforts but amongst those works of art were some other films. We are joined by Duncan McLeish of The Podcast Under The Stairs and Duncan and Bo Go To Twin Peaksies to discuss two such gems. One is more of a shiny turd. When the fiendish Dr. Goldfoot is bent on killing UN ambassadors with his legion of sultry yet explosive fembots, it’s up to Fabian and a pair of bumbling Italian comedy people to stop him in Dr. Goldfoot and The Girl Bombs. Next, when Hercules is sent on a quest to go after a mystic item to stop a terrible ruler, he goes straight into the fire of Hades to save his girl, stop tomb zombies and rock monsters in Hercules In The Haunted World.


“Bikini Girls With Machine Guns” performed by The Cramps

“Now You’re A Man” perfomed by DVDA