Cinema Beef Podcast #90 : Urban Renewal 80s Style

Oh the 80s. When the ghetto blasters were loud and white people wanted to control everything. Wait… it the same now…..i dunno. We are joined by Mike Maryman of Evil Episodes, Rad Radio and Theme Warriors Podcasts to discuss three films where this runs rampant. When someone is tearing down slums to make fancy apartments, it unleashes a beast that terrorize New Yorkers and make Edward James Olmos run nude with animalistic delight. All this and spirit animal cams in Wolfen. Next, when people start to turn up missing, it’s up to hobo advocates Daniel Stern and John Heard to get to bottom of it and avoid New York’s little mutant problem in 1984’s C.H.U.D. Finally, when one of Detroit’s finest gets brutally shot and left nearly dead, super land developer’s OCP adds some upgrades and turns Alex Murphy into super street soldier and unfortunately company property. All this and stair hating super bots in Paul Veerhoven’s satiristic bloody action opus Robocop from 1987.